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Jobber Membership Benefits

BP Amoco Marketers Association (BPAMA) is the organization recognized by BP as the unified voice of BP jobbers. It is through BPAMA that specific issues and concerns can be addressed with BP senior management in an effort to constructively influence strategy and program decisions impacting BP's jobber channel of trade.

The success of BPAMA is dependent upon the support and participation it receives from BP jobber marketers. The association exists to represent jobber interests in a continuing exchange of ideas with BP to help formulate jobber policy. As such, BP management strongly encourages all of its jobbers to join BPAMA.

As a member, your opinion matters and will be heard. BPAMA's National Board, comprised of BP jobbers elected by their peers, are in regular communication with BP senior management. BP looks to the Board for guidance in shaping many facets of the business from piloting new programs to developing equitable pricing strategies.

BPAMA has a long and proud history spanning three decades. It is the best association of its kind in the industry because of its dedicated membership. Members learn from each other and industry experts. Additionally, BPAMA keeps its members informed on a regular basis of industry and regulatory changes that could impact business.

BPAMA currently represents the majority of BP jobbers. The greater the participation of BP jobbers, the stronger the message delivered to BP. BPAMA wants to attract the best and the brightest in the industry. As a BP branded jobber, that means you!

Membership benefits include:

  • A clear unified voice communicating issues to BP
  • Ongoing representation of the issues affecting your business
  • Continued efforts to ensure that the jobber remains the premier channel of growth for BP
  • Direct communication with BP senior management
  • Ability to help form programs to better serve your business
  • Regular coominications on issues impacting your business
  • Networking with BP's best and brightest
  • Educational opportunities
  • Opportunity to attend annual BPAMA Convention and Trade Show
  • Benchmarking data from BP marketing peers
  • Discounts on products and services through affiliate members

BPAMA's efforts are positively impacting the landscape of the BP jobber business. By choosing to join the BPAMA family, your business interests will be well served. To join, please follow this link to the BPAMA Jobber Membership application. Annual dues are calculated based on your BP light oil volume. We look forward to a mutually enriching relationship.

For more information, please contact BPAMA Executive Director John Kleine at: 912-598-7939, jkleine@bpama.com.

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