2018 Workshops/Roundtable Descriptions

Here are the detailed descriptions available for the workshops and breakfast roundtables.  There will be 3 workshop sessions.

Workshop Descriptions:  Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Slides from all of the workshops can be found in the Members Area.  Log into the Members Area,
go the the Marketer Pages, and find the 2018 Convention Presentation section.  Links to all 
presentations are there.

Juggling the Generational Divide (2 Sessions) - Linda McKenna    9:45am & 11:45am
You can't fight it anymore and "the old days" you lived through are gone.  Understanding and accepting 
generational differences is the first step to leveraging those differences to your organization's advantage.  Some
businesses have four different generations working side by side.  Failure to understand each other can and
will impact productivity and overall performance.  In this session, learn how generations view work differently and 
key motivators and values of each group.

How are loyalty programs changing to capture current & future consumers? - Adam Glauberman  10:45am
The consumer is evolving with the advent of the digital age.  Their expectations are changing and we need to be 
prepared if we are going to earn their loyalty.  Don't let your business be the next Blockbuster, Kodak, or Borders.
Hear from experts on how earning a consumers loyalty is becoming a lot more complex and how some of the best
brands are evolving their efforts to generate and keep loyal customers.

What should my outside EMV plan include? (2 Sessions)  -  Gray Taylor , Richard Browne, John Vincent,
& Steve Hall   9:45am & 10:45am

While the deadline for outdoor EMV has been moved back to 2020, developing a plan for your sites or helping your 
dealers develop plans is critical now.  Hear from industry experts on what should be in your forecourt EMV plan and
why you should implement those plans sooner rather than later.

Do you understand recent industry financial performance?  - David M. Nelson  11:45am
A lot has changed since the last convention in 2016.  Hear from Dr. David Nelson, an industry expert, on what the metrics
tell us about marketer's performances within the industry over the last several years.  This critical benchmarking session
will help you understand your business and how it measures up against top performers and others in the industry.

Are my dealer contracts fit for today's business? - Bob Bassman  9:45am
Are my contracts with my customers keeping up with changing business needs?  Hear from our legal expert on how to 
make sure your network and partner contracts cover what need to be included.
What do you and your team need to know about dealing with the media? (2 sessions) - Bill Salvin   10:45am
& 11:45am
Dealing with the local or national media can be a very intimidating experience.  In most cases, the media isn't at your
location to cover good news.  In this workshop you will hear from an industry expert and receive some useful tips
for how to handle these difficult situations as well as insights to preparing your organization.  This session is a follow
up to the "Develop A Crisis Plan" session offered in 2016.

Breakfast Round Table Descriptions

"Disruptor or Disrupted - Which Will Your Organization Be?" -  Mitchell Vandiver  - Tuesday, February 27th: 7:00am
How do you remain relevant within the marketplace?  Where is your enterprise within its lifecycle?  How do you plan
for continuity and the next 5, 15, 25, and even 50 years?  How do you become the disruptor versus the one disrupted?  There 
is a proactive, integrated approach you can use to ensure that your business is able to continue a healthy path of corporate
growth and sustained continuity - whether for succession, roll-up, or creating maximum value.

"The 401(k) Revolution -  See How the MEP Concept is Helping Plan Sponsors?" - Gregg Addison - Wednesday,
February 28th  7:00am

Learn what a Multiple Employer Plan (MEP) is, how it works and how a study commissioned by the BPAMA Board of Directors
generated dramatic cost saving and other benefits for BPAMA members who participated.