BP Marketer Membership - Why Join?

The Petroleum Industry is considerably different today than just a few years ago.  As a BP Marketer you are a key shareholder in BP and have a major stake in the risk and reward of the brand.  BPAMA exists to promote the interests of those who represent the BP brand.  The Association drives a strategic agenda focused on Winning Together through collaboration and execution, challenging Marketers and BP to be bold, innovative and Deliver a Difference.  The mission of BPAMA is to lead the brand to be best-in-class where you, the BP Marketer and BP Win Together.  Membership with BPAMA signifies your desire to grow the BP brand and lead the industry. 

BPAMA understands the industry has multiple associations competing for your participation.  This association delivers a value that is unique to your business and is not duplicated by any other association in the industry.  NACS, State Organizations, PMAA and other branded associations all fill an important role in the operation of a Marketers’ business.  Not one of those associations fills the key strategic and operational role BPAMA does for you and all BP branded Marketers. BPAMA delivers the following:
  • Maintaining the relationship between the Marketers and BP's senior leadership
  • A common voice for the Jobbers to challenge BP and help shape strategic thinking
  • Better marketer programs by providing Marketer insights
  • Assurance of educational & networking opportunities
  • Value added goods & services made available
  • Development of new tools & initiatives
BPAMA focuses on your BP branded business, exclusively, driving performance dedicated to increased profitability for your BP branded business


Your partnership with BPAMA, through annual membership, is the foundation of our success.  BPAMA is active on a daily basis through the work of the National Leadership Board and Working Committees.  These teams are the collective voice of BP Marketers engaging in strategic development as well as program and offer development for the brand today and for the future. 

BPAMA’s efforts continually provide a positive impact on the landscape of your BP business.  While the majority of the Association’s work benefits all BP Marketers, by joining BPAMA you ensure that the collaborative development of strategies, programs and offers will continue.  Most importantly, your membership helps to shape the strategic direction impacting your business. 

Membership Benefits

  • Educational opportunities
  • Ability to help form programs to better serve your business.
  • Opportunity to attend the BPAMA Convention and Business Expo.  
  • Representation of the issues critical to your business and its success.
  • Lunch & Learns - programs designed to faciliate conversation and networking.  
  • Continued efforts to ensure Marketers remain the premier channel of growth for BP.
  • Opportunities for discounts on products and services offered by affiliate (vendor) members.
  • Representation of Marketer's businesses in the development of strategies, programs and offers. 
  • Communication on issues impacting your business, the development work underway and the results
  • Opportunity to serve on the National Leadership Board and/or Working Committees, the individuals crafting the future for the BP brand.
  • Networking with BP Marketers, some of the best and brightest Marketers in the industry, along with members of the BP Sales, Supply and Marketing Teams.  
  • Vendor Directory of companies offering products and services for your business.  These companies are partnering to support your business through membership with BPAMA.   

BP Marketer Membership benefits include: If you have questions, or would like to learn more about BPAMA and the work done on behalf of BP Marketers and the brand, please contact BPAMA at 615-288-2594 or  We welcome the opportunity to share our vision and accomplishments with your and your business.