Success Stories

Partnering for Success

BPAMA has become a unique Association due to it’s collaborative working relationship between Marketers, our branded supplier, and vendors.  It is through BPAMA that specific issues and concerns are identified and addressed with BP senior management.  By working together, BPAMA members constructively influence strategy and program decisions impacting BP's jobber channel of trade.  Programs are developed with Marketer’s input, strategic decisions are identified early, and creative approaches to problems and growth are explored.  Add a vendor program where suppliers and Marketers can access goods and services needed for their businesses and BPAMA truly adds value to those who belong.  
Read on to view recent successes:

Recent Successes

  • Supply - Improvements on supply reliability, avenue for allocation issues, and new tools created such as mobile access to allocations 
  • Brand Value - Development of a strategy to increase brand value by focusing on standards of performance, promotions, advertising, and measuring the value of brand by geographic area.
  • Credit Card Marketing - Annual evaluation of fees and actions; Loyalty program fee structure (cpg vs %), provided feedback for updating loyalty program
  • Jobber Outlet Incentive (JOI) Enhancements - A financial incentive program for new and/or modernized retail investment
    1. 1 New Site Program – Requested a review of minimum volumes for new sites; process changed
    2. 2 New Store Image Program – Key role in development of “to go” image; 
  • Benchmarking – Reviewing industry metrics to help measure Marketer’s business performance; benchmarking image costs vs. competitors
  • Credit and Terminal Control Management - A new method of evaluating credit limits and linking with the distribution terminals.
  • EMV Program – Working Committees and NLB were key contributors into program development, communications, & rollout programs 

Affiliate Members

In addition to Marketer members, BPAMA invites vendors who market their products and services to BP branded jobbers to join the Association. Affiliate members not only bring new products and services, but also bring a wealth of knowledge to help marketers increase profitability and bring greater efficiency in their operations. This is a select group of companies who have a proven track record of serving the interests of BP marketers.