Bill Tome, President, Mark Oil, former Chairman BPAMA 

"As we think about the present, each of us should be looking at our business, determining what we do well as a core compentency and assessing weaknesses that need to be improved.  We should look at things we can count on as the foundation for making change.  We should look to friends and business associates for support and confirmation.  We should look to institutions that we can count on, those that have been there for us in the past, those that have worked hard to be there for us in the future, BPAMA is that institution, since 1974 with a singular mission of promoting the interests of whose who represent the BP brand. I will say with confidentce that if you invest the time in being an active participant in BPAMA you will be on your way to answering the most important question......where do I go from here?  

Doug Sparkman, COO, BP NA 

"I am excited about our work with the BPAMA to jointly introduce the Collaborative Relationship Strategy.  BP has put our brand into your hands, you know the territory, you know the competition, you know the consumers, there is no way BP could replicate that kind of on-the-ground knowledge.  We are better together."  

Dave Frankhart, Riiser Energy, Wausau, WI

"I've been in the business 48 years, and nobody in the industry that I'm aware of has an organization that parallels what the BPAMA does.  The whole relationship between the association and BP management is second to none."  

Mark Cobb, Cobb Oil Co., Brighton, IA

"The relationship between BPAMA and BP corporate is one of mutual trust and benfit.  BP Marketers elect a board of their peers, and that board is the interface between jobbers and BP corporate.  Through BPAMA the Marketers on the board, representing all BP Marketers, and BP Leadership sit down at the table and work for the common case of the group."  

Paul Stephenson, Cary Oil, Cary, NC

"The BPAMA communicates what we as BP Marketers need our partner BP to do, and they listen.....It's a symbiotic relationship."